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Pinterest breeds evil

I love Pinterest. The free exchange of ideas in pictorial form, easily organized and unpacked, I think that is fantastic. Aside from that, it seems to provide the exact level of mental engagement that I need in order to watch … Continue reading

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I thought I cared about Miley’s twerking, until I realized there are more important things to care about

Like the world feeling completely justified in judging a young woman’s twerking. Really, who are we too judge? How many of us didn’t have our less than classy moments at 20 years old? But that’s really beside the point. I’d … Continue reading

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There are people dead in Syria

I would like to preface this with the statement that I am not an expert on anything in particular, least of all foreign policy or world events. In fact, I spelled the word ‘foreign’ so badly wrong that no matter … Continue reading

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I remember history class when we learning about the civil rights movement, from the safe distance of a generation or two. We were not taught that the fight for civil rights was ongoing. After all, schools had been integrated, votes … Continue reading

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