As always, I am a bit behind. New years reflections.

Yeah yeah, I know, we have been in the new year for a few days now.

I am kind of glad that 2013 is over. It was a long year. I spent the majority of it un- or unsatisfactorily employed. Other than Andy, I have not seen the vast majority of my loved ones at all, and only days total with the three of them I have seen. I have moved into the middle of the ocean to a tiny island where they have large and freaky bugs, where the temperature doesn’t change with seasons but daylight does. I have lost the toenail on my right big toe, and spent months since painfully stubbing and dropping things on it. I have discovered many new foods that are insanely delicious, but cannot find decent pizza or Mexican food to save my life. I have started a new job, the type of job I always assumed adults should have by this point in their lives, and found it extremely challenging all my weak points, but also playing to my strengths. I joined a gym and make a fool of myself there a few times a week. Its been an exhausting year.

And yet, I walked to work this morning in the hour before dawn, and found it peaceful. I have always loved that hour before dawn. It doesn’t matter where I call home or how long I have been there, before the world wakes up, each city or town feels like its mine. Silver Spring, DC, Manhattan, Nyack, Putney, Perugia, Denver, Belmont, and now Honolulu. Its a new year, but I am feeling at home, finally.

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