Personal win at the office party

I have been MIA here for a while. I still wasn’t really feelin it. Plus, I have had an incredible amount of stress at work, working a minimum of 11 hours each day for the last couple weeks, and I joined a gym. There are my excuses……

I am enjoying a much deserved weekend. One of the stresses that I have had the last few weeks is I became responsible for the activities of the office Christmas party. I went in to help come up with ideas with my coworker, who planned last years, and somehow ended up planning and emceeing the event, which, sadly ended up being the first year they didn’t spring for booze. So the new girl has to try to keep the party going when everyone is wishing they had a cocktail. Something interesting happened, tho, I had no stage fright, I ended up for the first time in my life standing with a microphone in front of a room full of people without having rehearsed a script, and did OK. Not gonna say i didn’t stutter or get distracted once or twice, but I kept it going without freaking out internally. I even cracked a couple of jokes on the fly. Usually being in front of a group makes me anxious, distracted, and nauseated. I couldn’t believe myself.

Was it the coolest party? No. Was I the best person possible to plan and facilitate the event? No. But I did way better than I ever thought I could do. Its a win for me.

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