Sharing Stories; God or Karma or Vultures

I was talking with a woman today who told me something that made me think. “I am gullible and I am not ashamed, but I am only gullible to a point.”

She went on to enumerate the internet scams that she has uncovered, she answered ad after ad off of craigslist or from a stranger emailing her from another country. Always the same story, they have inheritance that they want to bless her with, or money they need to transfer and want to put it in her account. She gives her name, phone number, address…. but she draws the line at her social security number or bank account. They send a check to be deposited immediately, or ask for more information….. and she figures out that its a scam she has never actually lost money from this. Which is a miracle.

Just as I am trying to word a respectful ‘oh geez auntie, this has to stop.’ She goes on to talk about the homeless family she met at Walmart, three kids, and twins on the way, she offered to pay for their groceries but they wanted cash, so she gave it to them. She started crying, saying she knows she is gullible, but she can’t walk away from someone in need. God provides for her, so she passes it on.

This I cannot deny, this woman has such a low income, she does not earn enough to cover her steeply subsidized rent, but somehow always manages to make it. She always seems to have people offering her food, shoes, whatever she needs. Somehow, she makes it. If she has ten dollars left, she will give away five, but somehow it all works out.

While it frustrates me that there are vultures out there that would prey upon sweet-hearted ladies, and I feel for the temptation and anxiety that a tenuous financial situation can elicit, God or karma seems to be working on this lady’s behalf. Would that we all have such optimism in life, it certainly affects circumstances. Maybe if the vultures were so gullible, the world would be a better place.

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