Writers Block

It had to happen sometime. I have just not been feeling the writing thing for a couple weeks now. Interesting events have occurred, thoughts thunk, people met, but I just have not been feeling the writing. I have started posts, but not even felt like reading it back over myself, much less let anyone else read it.

In this past week I have had to walk through protests for and against Hawaii’s current marriage equality legislation, on my way in to meetings on issues and legislation surrounding homelessness and housing. The hate astounds me. That people could spend so much energy on trying to keep strangers from getting married when the barriers to affordable housing for working people are astronomical. For all the rhetoric about the middle class right now, and the criminalization of the safety net programs, what is the point in spending all your energy on legislating the private lives of strangers, while ignoring issues that actually could actually improve the lives of working people. Just sayin.

In other news, I bought some raspberry colored lipstick. I have decided to try and confront my self-consciousnesses involving lipstick. I have had a complex about anything that draws excess attention to my lips ever since my orthodontist told 12 year old me I needed to have my lips reduced and a chin implant in order to look normal. A complex that was reinforced by the comment ‘you have big lips for a white girl’ which has been presented to me as both a compliment and an insult over the years. Aside from the racist and misogynist implications from that, the fact that I hear that from random people on a regular basis has made me self conscious. But I have decided I need to help myself along on the process of caring less and less about what people think. As I get older I find myself less ruled by what others think of me, but the process needs to speed up. So today I wore raspberry lipstick.

I have had opinions and numerous witty (at least I think so) comments on whats going on politically right now. But I am written out.
Here’s hoping that the people of the Philippines stay safe.

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