The chickification of America

Rush did it again. Geez. I think its a sad commentary on the poor education and lack of awareness of American citizens that Rush Limbaugh still has an audience.

Apparently, according to Rush, the NFL support for Breast Cancer Awareness is a result of evil feminists attacking masculinity…. either that or there are football players out there who care about breast cancer research. No that can’t be it. Its yet another example of the chickification of America. The assault on masculinity, the triumph of emotion over logic and reason. You can’t put the NFL in pink for a month!

Aside from the problems with the pink ribbon campaign, really, what is wrong with pink? That is a feminine color? And while we’re at it, what would be wrong with some chickification? Unless you come out and admit that you don’t like women, that you see them as inferior in some way to men, then really what are you getting at in a tirade against the acceptance of typically feminine colors, roles, traits or anything else, by men? Well we know Rush doesn’t have any respect for women, he has made that point well over the years. But what worries me is that he has people who listen and agree with him in many parts of the country.

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