Sharing your stories

I come across women every day that move me with their stories. Stories I feel the world should hear. Here is another one.

I met with a woman today who is transitioning out of prison. She has been working at a program for incarcerated women changing their lives, has been living in a work furlough program and volunteers at a prison incarcerated women’s poetry performing group. Her PO is wary, and wants her to disassociate with everyone connected to her prison days. But this woman has found her purpose in life.

She throws her whole self into showing women who are incarcerated that no matter what you have been through or how hard the road ahead is, you can start over. And starting over she is. She told me about how she is still figuring out how to use her cell phone, as the last one she had was before smartphones came out. She is trying to build credit, and enjoying being in control of her own meals. Her journey is far from over, she has a long way to the life she wants, has barely begun to dream of what that life might really look like. But her motivation is about making the women who come after her feel understood and inspired.

Her passion inspires me as well.

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