Daily Prompt: Community Service

What would I say if everyone were listening? in response to today’s Daily Prompt.

People, you are the problem. Stop it. 

I can gather from pinterest and facebook that misanthropy is something all the cool kids are making a pretense of these days, even though we all know that no one who actually knows the word misanthropy can possibly be a cool kid. So let me spell it out. Everyone stop hatin’ on everyone else . Its not cool to dream about punching people in the throat or high-fiving them in the face with a chair. You aren’t sophisticated for being annoyed by other people, your ignorant, and you are the reason someone else fantasizes about throat punching.

There is my misanthropist rant about the trendization of misanthropy. Now that we’ve got that out of the way….

There is a lot of hate in the world today, a lot of divisiveness. I’ve been trying to think back to my childhood to see if I witnessed the same levels of sexism, racism, prejudice against the poor, random pointless hate and oppression in general.

Maybe I was an oblivious kid to the goings on in the world, but not anymore, things are bad, people.

We have people shutting down the government because they want to undermine a president, quibbling over a women’s right to use her health coverage to pay for her own medications, over poor peoples right to affordable health care, over the health coverage of their own staffs, and other trivialities while holding the paychecks of hundreds of thousands of people hostage over it. The crazy thing is there are Americans who agree with them, not many, but enough to make me scared for future generations.

There are people who when they think of ‘American’ they think white. There are people who when a woman is raped they tell her she should not have put herself in that situation, and decry the damaged reputation of the perpetrator. There are people who make jokes among others who look like them that they would not make in public, and think its okay. There are those who say they have nothing against gay relationships as long as they don’t kiss in public. There are those who denigrate others for their appearance, who try to force a standard of airbrushed perfection on vulnerable egos. There are those who put no value on the education and life experiences of others because they are insecure about the value of there own. There are people who think they are being nice when they tell someone who believes differently that they will pray for them. There are people who think the sixth commandment applies to fetuses but not adults. There are those who espouse good intentions to excuse their bad behavior. There are people who think rudeness is honesty and being mature and civil is not worth their time.

So this is what I want to say: if you see a problem in the world, its on you to do your part to stop hating and do something. Even if all you do is open your mind a little wider to those around you.

What would the world be like if each one of us stopped the blaming and complaining and took on our self the responsibility for its problems?

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