The time passes anyway

We have now been in Hawaii six months, almost as long as we were in California. This is crazy, because I felt like I had settled into California life, despite not landing a decent job only weeks before we decided to move. In Hawaii I have felt continually in transition, I still feel like I am getting started. Part of that is that we have had so many upheavals, from finding an apartment, to the problems after we moved in, to my struggles with unemployment, to Andy’s changing schedule, to my transition into a time consuming and challenging position, to this furlough and its accompanying frustration and worries for us. Part of that is the renewed feeling from finally getting my career back on track.

I am finally feeling like I am utilizing my potential, challenges and all, or at least am on the way there. That is huge for me, a great confidence booster. Even if I fail, I feel like I met the right challenge. I am working harder on organization, which is a downfall for me, but finding myself not completely unsuccessful in that area, but it is helpful that the organization is not the job itself, but simply a supporting function.

Its empowering that I wasn’t hired to organize or manage, but to envision and implement and evaluate, that what I am doing draws first and foremost from the traits I value most about myself.

So it seems like maybe it was a good move.

Before we came we heard a lot from people trying to discourage us. How many people who had never been here weighed in on how they heard there were murders here, and drugs, and gangs, and racism. As if we’ve lived in Stepford our whole lives til now. Well there are drugs, and violence, and racism; but there is also aloha spirit, wonderful people, new foods and experiences. Really the only downside has been the distance from our loved ones. That and bugs, and no trader joes.

Oh and I lost the nail on my big toe, kicking a shark in the face.

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