The perils of cheap seafood, my dinner did not get me pregnant

Usually, the only thing I worry about after eating questionable seafood is will I make it home in time. You’d think I would learn, considering Andy’s and my whole honeymoon was ruined by a single meal. But no, not me. This was a different kind of questionable, however, in that it caused me to question myself.

While running errands yesterday I decided to try a lunch counter I have not been too before. It promoted itself as having good seafood, (also as having cheap beer, another draw when your week has been very stressful) so why not? I had been craving calamari lately and decided to get the $6 squid and chips plate.


This was not your Italian chain restaurant calamari. This was only squid bodies, with the insides intact, battered and fried. Well, this was was Japanese/Hawaiian food, and I am learning quickly that the Asian food here is often a world of different from restaurants with the same claim back on the mainland. I am up for anything new. So I grab a strangely firm but bouncy nugget, dunk it in the mysterious lumpy white sauce, and take a bite.

Not bad. It is cooked perfectly, actually, not rubbery at all.  But those insides…. maybe I am more culinarily close minded than I would have liked to believe. I only ate half of the plate, finished my $3 blue moon, and went on to the grocery store. 

Only later did I decide to research what I had eaten, and came up with this website, and became thankful that at least the sharp bits were removed. But I also came across several articles regarding people being inseminated with little pre-squid organisms (not being an expert, that is how I understand the event) by eating whole squid. I am positive, however, that my dinner last night did not inseminate me, the people for whom little squidlings had to be removed from their oral cavities reported feeling like they were stung when they bit in. No sting for me. and I am glad that I learned about the perils after dinner, not before.

It got me thinking, however.

I always thought of myself as relatively adventurous, food wise. But once I saw that the calamari was not in my norm, I had trouble getting over my first impression. And it wasn’t even bad. It tasted pretty decent, actually, fresh, cooked properly, well seasoned; but I still couldn’t get over the weird organ bits. I am afraid my sense of adventure is waning. I wanted what I was used to, and had trouble fully enjoying my meal because it was not what I was expecting. I think I am getting old. I think that squid gave me a mid life crisis.

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2 Responses to The perils of cheap seafood, my dinner did not get me pregnant

  1. Jayne says:

    LOL! Guess you don’t want to try Chesapeake soft shell crabs or any shell fish!

    • Certain types of shellfish I never liked for textural reasons, I haven’t had soft shell crabs, I don’t think, its just the ‘bouncyness’ I couldn’t get past in this calamari, and the fact that I had assumed that cleaning the squid involved removing the insides, so larger (half palm size) bodies cooked whole challenged my idea of what was clean and safe to eat.

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