orchid pot reimagined

orchid pot reimagined

So after another orchid massacring bump into the coffee table last night I decided that the tiny, featherlight plastic pots that the plants came with were not cutting it. I have been trying to find suitable pots for awhile now. But nothing seems suitable. It could be my relative inexperience with orchids. So I figured since orchids are epiphytes anyway why not mount them. Here is the result. I am not sure I love the look, it is ungraceful and the sphagnum bedding sheds. I tried mounting the pot upside so it would be usable as a cachepot for another plant, but plants didn’t cooperate.
But most of all I hope they survive. This is a big change of environment. It caused all three of us (me + the two plants) stress. And I broke off the tiny new shoot on one in the process.
So we will see how it turns out. Maybe I can beutify the arrangement somehow.

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