Labor day isn’t a holiday if you don’t labor

Happy labor day everyone! Andy has off today, its nice to have an extra day with him. I don’t get to spend much time with him during the week due to his working 2nd shift. I still can’t manage to make his sleep schedule work for me, which I am taking as a sign of my advancing age. So he sleeping in while I have a quiet coffee and write.

Happy labor day from the unemployed. The temp agency hasn’t had anything new for me for a week and a half which is a relief since I hate temping. I didn’t hate the extra money coming in, but it is what it is. I check craigslist, write cover letters, check my email and phone over and over hoping something will pan out before the next call from the temp agency. I guilt trip myself for not spending a full 8 hours straight a day on the job search. After all, looking for a job is supposed to be a full time job, right?

That’s ridiculous, by the way. Just another platitude that all the articles we read on successful job searching throw out at us, as if there was a magic formula. “Follow steps 1-5 and you will get the job of your dreams in no time!” I have plenty of job searching experience by this point in my life. There is no magic formula. You can do everything right and still fail at this. Its not like great jobs are easy to get right now. The more I job hunt, the more I realize its a gamble.

But it is awfully hard to stop beating yourself up over it. To convince yourself that you are not still unemployed because you are incompetent. That the lack of job does not mean your job search is a failure. Yes, you have to keep trying, keep looking and trying to improve, but I am tired of feeling like I am falling short every time my resume doesn’t get a response. That is not the stuff that continuing motivation is made of.
So many people are looking for work right now, or working part time jobs when they need full time ones, or underpaid, or working jobs that are way beneath their skills and experience, or putting up with soul-crushing work and environments because they are afraid there may not be any other option.

I have my own thoughts on the job crisis in America, but that’s a rant for another day. In the meantime, we all need to give ourselves a break. That is today’s PSA.

Oh look, Andy is up. Time to enjoy the perks of neither of us having to work today.

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