I thought I cared about Miley’s twerking, until I realized there are more important things to care about

Like the world feeling completely justified in judging a young woman’s twerking.

Really, who are we too judge?

How many of us didn’t have our less than classy moments at 20 years old? But that’s really beside the point.

I’d talk about the awful slut shaming going on and how it contributes to the hypocritical expectations forced on women and girls in our society, not to mention rape culture. But that’s been said, not as much as the slut shaming itself, but its been said.

I’d talk about the misogynist double standards, how a young woman is publicly shamed for doing something she is completely entitled to do, where as the much older man involved, whose own lyrics justify, if not glorify, sexual assault, is mostly let off the hook. But that’s been said, again, its not given nearly as much energy as trashing Miley is, but its been said.

There are the racist overtones to her choice and treatment of her backup dancers, the odd use of stuffed animals, the glorification of sexuality, the fact that Miley is in a business of selling herself, and has used controversy to do so, with great effectiveness. There is fact that there are serious, potentially world changing events going on around the world but we are all talking about Miley instead. But all that’s been said.

So what is left to say?

We have become a country of talkers. We judge others on their behavior, as if they owe us something. Miley owes us nothing. Sure, I wish our young women had more positive role models, I wish that women weren’t force fed expectations of sexuality and condemned for their sexuality at the same time. But that is not Miley’s responsibility to fix. She seems to be doing her best to walk the tightrope of impossibly conflicting expectations as best she can. She is free to do whatever she wants and make piles of money in whichever manner she chooses. She got way more attention to her performance than she would have otherwise. Which is kind of the point of a performance in the first place. The majority of the people shaming Miley wouldn’t have paid much attention to the performance if it hadn’t been so controversial. I wouldn’t have paid any attention, that’s for sure.

My first reaction to hearing about the performance was judgmental. I didn’t like it. But I truly believe that actions and decisions are more important than impulse and prejudice. You can’t always help your gut reactions, but if you are ruled by your basest of snap judgments without giving it more thought, you are contributing to the very societal pressures you are so quick to pass judgment on the outcome of.

So what is left to say?

The problem isn’t the twerking, it is the judgement. Wake up, people. We are all the problem.

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