at one with nature in downtown honolulu

As most people probably know by now, one of the biggest adjustments I have had to make upon coming to Hawaii is to the ‘wildlife’. Is it really wildlife? You wouldn’t call rats in Manhattan wildlife, I guess. Some things are just pests. Like the ‘state bird’ of hawaii, the giant flying cockroach. Fortunately the giant roaches mostly stay outside, but we do not live in a hermetically sealed bubble, sometimes things get in. We had a nearly two inch long roach in the bathtub a couple weeks ago. I occasionally have bad dreams about giant roaches. There are several-inch long slugs when it rains, which is thankfully not a daily event this time of year. There are the poisonous centipedes, which if I encounter alive I spray with whatever bug/cleaning product is at hand and put under something until I am sure its dead, or Andy takes care of it. Last night I was heading to bed when I noticed what appeared to be a very large neon green stinkbug on the wall. Fortunately I got it outside without it discharging.

And our bug experiences are relatively mild compared to other neighborhoods. When I was working in Manoa, giant roaches in the offices were commonplace. Among other things.

I am not a bug person.

Lizards are different. Anole lizards, which are everywhere are fine with me. Geckos, on the other hand, I think are adorable. We seem to get tons of baby geckos in our apartment. Not too many anoles or adult geckos, just the babies. I don’t usually remove them since I watched one I had just put on the doormat get immediately swooped upon and eaten by a large anole. Yeah, I know that its a lizard-eat-lizard world out there. But I figure the babies deserve a chance. They always find there way back out on their own eventually. Besides, they eat bugs. And the anoles are creepy looking, they look as if they were descended from some prehistoric dragon. They have long sharp-looking toes, that are not, in fact, sharp. I know because they like to jump on my legs when I am on the lanai. Gives me a heart attack every time, as my first impulse is to assume that my nightmares are coming true and the roaches are attacking me. But really, they just like hanging out on something, a chair leg, a plant, while they wait for a lady lizard to come along to show off for.


Not so bad, I guess. I could be a lizard person.

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