Can you re-examine life too many times?

I recently came across this article, which lists the 15 reasons to blog. While some are practical such as #10, its free, most are inspiring, like #2, you’ll become a better thinker, or #3 you’ll live a more intentional life. I want to think better, I want to live life more intentionally. Hell, what I really want is to believe that my penchant for navel gazing actually has a purpose.

So I will blog, or try. I don’t have a great track record for keeping up with long term projects. But in my old age I have been increasingly overcome by the urge to cultivate…. something. I want to do something that requires follow through, I want to plan ahead and be satisfied when that pays off. I have in the last few months moved to the seventh state I will have lived in in the last decade. I find myself in the process of starting over again. I am reexamining my life yet again, time to try something new, maybe this will produce more results.

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